Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Knitting neckwarms for... aliens?

okay so, looking for a cute neckwarmer pattern to re-create the chunky look that is from Circa by Spratters and Jayne and available at Modcloth,

which is cute and pretty sophisticated for such a chunky look. I am planning to use Lion Brand wool ease in Fig. Its a thick, soft, acrylic-wool blend. Size 13 needles means you can knit it up quick!

So in my search for a cute pattern. I came across this post, which was I saw this picture (above) which is from

I can't help but wonder, who is this man? Is he choking? Has the kid already gone semi-conscious? Why would you make something that looks like you cut off the top of a turtle neck. In the words of Mitch Hedberg, a turtleneck and a backpack makes me feel like a weak midget is trying to bring me down, all day long.


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  1. Oh good! This will help with my new project (suggested by you!)